Fun Cleveland event for Adults AND Kids

I’m really hoping the Rock N Tot events don’t have to end in Cleveland due to a lack of interest, because I’d really like to go to one.   It just has always turned out we’d be on vacation or otherwise already busy.   Plus, the concept was started in Cleveland, so I feel like I should support this local business.  AND, this next one sounds awesome and I’m trying to get my friend and her two year old daughter to go with me.   It takes place at MOCA on November 23rd from 2-5pm.  Here are more details from their website:

We have cancelled the Cleveland October Rock-n-Tot event, which was slated to be held at Swingos Grand Tavern.

Without sufficient ticket purchases at least a week in advance of the event, we had no other choice and we’re bummed, right along with you about the cancellation!
November has been scheduled … we’ll be at the awesome Museum of Contemporary Art and we’re stoked!

Does it get much better than combining music, dancing, great food, free massages, adult beverages, goody bags AND art and culture?

Show your support … keep Rock-n-Tot around this winter when it’s cold and there’s nothing else going on!   Buy your tickets early … show some love … and we’ll see you on November 23rd!

I especially love the idea that it’s at MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art)…and a free massage sounds nice too.   You can get more details at the Rock N Tot Blog.   It’s sounds like a great day out with the gals and an easy way to keep the kids busy.   Now I’ve just got to figure out how to handle naptime that day.   Hmm…

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  1. Thanks for the word on this. I also live in Cleveland and this sounds like a wonderful event!

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