New Melting Pot in Rocky River

Finally, we have a Melting Pot on the west side of Cleveland.   And last night the hubby and I had our annual double-wedding-anniversary-quadruple-birthday-celebration with two of our friends.   Both of our weddings took place in August, two of our birthdays are in August, and the other two birthdays are in October.   So every year, we split the difference and go to dinner at Melting Pot sometime in between.    Thank goodness this year we didn’t have to drive across town to Lyndhurst because they opened a Melting Pot fondue restaurant in the new Westgate shopping center.    The food was great as always, between the four of us we usually all share a cheese fondue, the Pacific Rim and Signature Selection, and a chocolate fondue.  

Anyhow, I ate way too much.   But, this is a great place to go with friends to celebrate, or for a girls’ night out.    And it certainly helps that there’s now one in Rocky River, because no one wants to drive for half an hour while they are suffering from a severe food coma.

Note: not kid-friendly, but it’s not meant to be

Until next time,



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  1. Hey, Lori! We go to Melting Pot A LOT! There is one right down the road in Lahaina…a new one!

    We take the kids (5 and 7) there bi-weekly. The restaurant has new “cool to the touch” burners, so the kids are safe. They feel like they are cooking…and are well behaved enough to handle themselves and the boiling tasks at hand. Last time i went, I indulged in just one cheese and one chocolate fondue (which I split with a friend) and STILL felt stuffed! I loved it!

    Have a great day!


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