House Votes Down Bailout Package

Ok, so, I go to log into WordPress and was completely shocked to not see this as a headline on ANY of the featured blogs.   Is no one paying attention to this stuff?

I don’t know, maybe I’m overreacting.   But, to me, the impact of this decision is a significant to this country as the impact of 9/11 was.  

And, the some of the most interesting points follow:

Despite pressure from supporters, not enough members were willing to take the political risk just five weeks before an election.


“We’re all worried about losing our jobs,” Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., declared in an impassioned speech in support of the bill before the vote. “Most of us say, ‘I want this thing to pass, but I want you to vote for it — not me.’ “

Nice.    Un-friggin-believable.   Again, I have no idea what the solution is.   But, the politicians who voted no are doing so not because they are intelligent and think that voting yes is a bad idea, they are voting no because they are scared to take a political risk.   I hope that every single one of them who voted no–for that reason—gets the boot and loses their jobs come time for re-election.  What a bunch of pansies!


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