New Study on Working Moms

Found this recent article in Newsweek on working moms interesting and scary.   I don’t know if I am one of the working moms who is from a low-status family whose kid is better off in daycare, or one who is affluent and educated and should quit my job so that my son will be better off.   I wonder what education level and income level makes the difference.   Hmm…

What do you think?   In your own perspective, are you and your children better off with you working while they are at school/daycare or are they better off with you staying at home?   Or some combination of the two?

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2 Responses

  1. I think a combination of the two works best. I think it is great to be able to have total bonding time with your children, but at the same time, I think by being a working parent outside of the home even if part time instills some values into kids that just can be reflected if the parent is a stay at home parent- it is hard to explain- but I think children learn values differently – like some kids grow up thinking that the stay at home parent doesn’t work hard (even though it is far from the truth) and doesnt really put in anything into the family while the working parent does all of the hard work- It usually isnt until the kid grows up and has kids of their own to see how much harder being a working parent is

    I think it is good for the spirit though for the child and parent to have a separate life though- you need your own adult time and they need their own time away from parents to feel free to explore and grow.

    Ok, now I am rambling and not even making my point how I wanted to…

  2. Erica, I get your point and think you offer an interesting perspective. I’d never looked at it that way before but can see what you mean. Plus, there have been several areas where I feel my son has benefitted from daycare or “school”, he loves being around other children and has learned a lot from the example of the older children in his classes. But I know I pay a price both monetarily and in time spent with him to enjoy those benefits. And right now it’s been breaking my heart that the past couple of days I’ve picked up my son from daycare he’s said to me when I asked how his day went, “Mommy wasn’t here, she was working.”

    Do men stuggle with these same thoughts and issues?

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