What a Difference a Day Makes

Do you ever look back at life, at any particular moment or day, and think how different your life might be had that day or even that moment hadn’t happened?   Since my surgery was on September 11th, I didn’t really think about the day much, I was pretty out of it for much of the day from the anesthesia.   Today I went to check out Eugene Cho’s blog as I often do, and saw his September 11th post.  It linked to a Time Magazine article remembering the first anniversary of the attack. 

The title of the article was “What a Difference a Day Makes.”   Besides September 11th, which regardless of if it changed the course of our lives, at the very least it influenced our worldview and caused us to form a bond with people who we might not otherwise share a bond, with those whom we shared that terrifying moment in time.   I remember being on the 30th floor of the Terminal Tower when the first plane crashed.   I said to someone, “what’s going on?   I’m going to NYC this weekend.”   And the person replied, “I don’t think you are going to NYC this weekend.”   Then the second plane hit, and the president of our company called the staff up to the 31st floor lobby and he led us all in prayer.    Later it was discovered that the plane that eventually crashed in Pennsylvania had turned around in Cleveland’s airspace at approximately the same time we were praying in one of the three tallest buildings in downtown Cleveland.    It still gives me chills.

But, periodically, I think of moments that otherwise might seem insignificant to anyone else.   Like the day a friend of mine talked me into applying to Baldwin-Wallace for college because she was thinking of going there.   Or the day I was walking home from school with a boy I had a crush on in Jr. High and decided to sign up for rec league soccer because he was playing.   Or the day when an acquaintance randomly approached me in computer class and invited me to attend a Wednesday evening youth group at a local church.  These three instances ultimately led to a chain of events that resulted in my staying in Cleveland for college and meeting my future husband.  They resulted in leading me to the church I now attend (which happens to be different from the youth group I was invited to attend) and the company where I work.  Much of my life as it stands today was affected by these three seemingly insignficant days in my life.   This still amazes me to this day.

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