Too Tired

Still recovering from the gall bladder surgery and too tired to come up with an original thought.   Apparently it takes a week or so for anesthesia to fully work its way out of your system. And Vicodin makes you sleepy and/or just not care.  Plus, taking care of a two year old and went back into the office on Monday.   Advice to anyone getting their gall bladder out…take a week off if you can.  

Good advice from a neighbor mom today, as the toddler was outside screaming that he wanted to go in the neighbor house and I wouldn’t let him.    I had to call the hubby to pick him up and take him home.   The advice from the mom was, “be tough when he’s two, so you don’t have these problems when he’s four.”    She claims she wasn’t tough when her four year-old was two.  So, hopefully we’ll make it through two.

Until next time,



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