Weekend Wedding

Kids say the darndest things.

During a wedding I was in a couple of weeks ago, the pastor was sharing a story about his children from the day before.  It was an example of how carefully we need to listen to each other, and not always assume that what we have said has been understood.  He has five children ranging in age from 3 to 14 years old.    Apparently the two youngest daughters were with him and his wife on the day of the wedding rehearsal, and they had asked where their dad was going.     His wife said, “Your dad is going to marry a woman from church.”     The 3 year old said, “But, I don’t want daddy to marry anyone else!”   The 5 year old’s response was, “I’m staying with mommy!”     The 3 year old then proceeded to take sides with dad.    Obviously they had to explain what it meant to “marry someone” in the context of performing a weddign ceremony.   But what a comical story.    And how true is it that we all need to learn to both listen better as well as to be aware of those times when what we are communicating may not be perfectly clear to the listener.

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