Cleveland Kid-Friendly Restaurants

Of places I’ve been recently, the only ones I’d take my 22-month old right now are Red Robin, or the upstairs room at Great Lakes Brewing Company.    The rest of the time we often order food and bring it home to eat.  Honey Hut at Huntington beach works well too if you’re into concession stand food like hotdogs and french fries and of course, the best ice cream!

Where have you taken your little ones with success?


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  1. Tommy’s on Coventry?

    This has always been a problem for us. I can give a never ending list of Cleveland restaurants NOT to take your little kids to …

    I hope you get some answers, because there’s got to be an alternative to McDonald’s!

    LilaTov Cocktail

  2. Hi LilaTov Cocktail. We love Tommy’s, but haven’t been there yet with the toddler, though I agree that’d probably be a good one. A milkshake there would probably keep him happy for quite awhile!

    I’ve gratefully discovered a new kid-friendly restaurant this morning. Met up with a friend, found out she’s pregnant, we went to First Watch in Rocky River and took the toddler. She’d never been there, I have and faithfully get the Chickichanga. There were kids everywhere and no one seemed to mind. The telling signs it was kid-friendly, 1. the waitress brought my son his bagel prior to even taking our order and 2. after several tables of kids left, a waiter came out with a cordless vacuum and cleaned up the remnants left behind on the floor. A good sign for the pregnant was also that my friend hasn’t felt like eating much of anything lately. She tried the chickichanga and not only wolfed down the entire thing, but said she’s planning to have her husband take her there tomorrow morning. It’s a good thing they’re looking to buy a house down the street from there! That may be a selling point for her.

    Don’t know if there’s a First Watch on the east side. I know there’s one at Crocker Park as well.

  3. Outdoor patio places work out for my son. He’s six now, but has been to the Flying Fig in the summers since he was born. These days, we eat outside there in the summer or at the banquettes by the bar.
    Sarava’s staff is great with kids, too.

    Generally, if you take your kid to decent restaurants early in life, they learn how to act accordingly, conversely, you have to respect your kid’s natural temperment before you attempt this.

  4. Thanks Jennifer. One couple I know is great about taking their daughter out to eat with them at decent restaurants and have always been this way. They tell me her new thing to keep her occupied is to provide her with playdough at the table and she’s happy and content. My first thought is my son flinging a ball of playdough across the restaurant to demonstrate his pitching skills, so I can relate to the “respect your kid’s natural temperment” part…but I wouldn’t change him for the world! I’ll just keep looking for new places to take him for the time being where he can be a kid, and save the Flying Fig for date night (the hubby and I both LOVE Flying Fig).

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