Obama and McCain Continued

I am the person in our house who is obsessed with politics, at least by comparison to the hubby.  By this all I mean is that I will watch the debates when they happen, tried to read through some of the candidates’ voting records and watch some other significant appearances like the Saddleback Civil Forum and each candidate’s acceptance speech at the conventions.    It’s really not all that much I feel, I just value my right to vote and would rather get my information in these ways than from a national media that I rarely trust (though I am getting sucked into blogs of which I need to be equally cautious).

Unfortunately, I do feel that my decision has probably been made for me in the past week.    I can’t vote for a woman (oops, I mean, for a candidate who could potentially pass away and leave this woman in charge) who I don’t seem to trust, I just can’t put a finger on it.  I really couldn’t care less if her teenage daughter is pregnant.  It may be choices like this that’s she’s made that bother me. Perhaps because she bears this uncanny resemblance to a woman I once knew who was also well-groomed and attractive and this got her far at her last two jobs, yet her personal life always seemed such a mess and she was constantly making up stories.   Likewise, it always seemed like she was in a sinking ship at work as well.    It concerns me enough to influence my vote beyond each candidate’s stance on issues and individual worldviews.    It’s a shame that something so polarizing as this has happened that will distract from the issues.   

An interesting blog that got me thinking about this.

What do you think?

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