More on Obama and McCain

I have been dying to read the transcripts from the Saddleback Civil Forum at Rick Warren’s church on August 16.   We were pretty busy that particular weekend, and I just haven’t had time to read the transcripts yet.   It’s really too bad the forum was on cable TV, because I think that forum was just as important for voters to see as the regular debates, particularly because, in this case the individuals didn’t know how the other one answered the question and thus avoided bickering.

In the meantime, in addition to checking out their voting records, if you’re interested in reading more about what the candidates had to say, you can download the transcripts here, or watch the forum on   Plus, Rick Warren’s follow-up sermon the following day, “What Kind of Leader America Needs” can be listened to via mp3.

Do you have any opinions on how the candidates did in this debate?

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  1. […] some of the candidates’ voting records and watch some other significant appearances like the Saddleback Civil Forum and each candidate’s acceptance speech at the conventions.    It’s really not all […]

  2. You can watch the forum at this website.

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