Girls Night Out

Saturday night the hubby had to work, so grandma came over and hung out with the toddler and mommy had her first girls night out in a very long time.   I know that the last time I saw the girls was Memorial Day weekend, and that was for a get together at my house.   Before that, it had been a couple of months and they had come over to our house that night too.    So sad.  

We all met up at Wine Bar Rocky River at 8pm.    It was so great to see everyone.    A couple of the girls significant others were there too, actually, now that I think of it, all of their significant others were there except for mine.    Maybe because I wasn’t worried about the hubby getting a headache or wanting to head home at 10pm, it felt like a girls night out to me.    It was so nice sitting and nibbling appetizers of brie and avocado bruchetta and cheese plates and calamari while drinking wine by the bottle.    The Beringer Cabernet, 2005 Knights Valley and Turn Me Riesling were both very good.    By contrast, I didn’t really care for the Souverain Cabernet.   Talking to the girls, answering random questions about pregnancy and post-pregnancy and giving birth and recommending an OB was all fun too.   I chimed in briefly with the guys on a conversation around whether or not Cleveland is a dying city.    The Steelers fan believes it is…maybe I should have pointed out to him that Pittsburgh actually had a greater population loss that Cleveland last year.   😉

I am so very glad that I went out and saw my girls, and made it soberly home by midnight.    

How often should one spend time with her girlfriends?   Any recommendations?

Until next time,

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