Haunted Tours of Franklin Castle

So, I don’t really care much about going on a “haunted tour” of anything.   Last year I went to a friend’s house for a fundraiser for Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital that involved meeting Mary Ann, a woman from Cleveland who is the subject of the TV show the Ghost Whisperer.   Anyhow, while I doubted what she had to say, I was intrigued and felt compelled to go, because, well, I’m an atmosphere addict.  

So, same goes for this Burning River tour offered by Haunted Cleveland.    I’d emailed them a couple of months back to find out if they had any plans to tour Franklin Castle again.    I’ve been fasinated with this building for about 15 years now, ever since a friend showed it to me back in high school.   It’s supposed to be one of the most haunted places in Cleveland.   I personally just want to get inside, which has been completely impossible to do for many years.   It looks like it may have finally been renovated to become a private city club.   The very strange thing is, every effort to restore this house has failed for one reason or another.   And from going to the Franklin Castle Club website, I can’t tell if the city club there ever actually opened, it looks like the last time the site was updated was in 2005.   Now I am going to have to do some sleuthing!

Anyhow, this tour by Haunted Cleveland goes to a couple of locations I’ve really wanted to explore around Cleveland, because these locations were intriguing and abandoned for so long…the old coast guard station at Whiskey Island, and Franklin Castle.   Plus there’s a stop at Great Lakes Brewing Company along the way.   So, I think the tour will be well worth the $50.    Tours start in late September and run through October 30th.     It looks like this will turn out to be a girls’ night out for me, which will be great.

I’ll post an update once I find out what’s the story with Franklin Castle these days.

Until next time,

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5 Responses

  1. wow! Sounds interesting! I had no idea that Cleveland even offered anything of the like! I am very interested in doing something like this as well and would like more information if you could pass it along to me. I also had no idea that the real woman from Ghost Whisperer lived in Cleveland? Interesting indeed….

  2. Hi Erica,

    You can get more info on the Burning River tour at http://www.hauntedcleveland.net/tourburningriver.htm, there are various other tours offered as well. You can see pics of the abandoned Coast Guard station at http://wendypark.org/coast_guard_station.html. And yes, the ghost whisperer is a woman who lives in suburban Cleveland.


  3. Thanks Lorelei! Even though I live in Canton, I really enjoy reading your blog- I get great ideas for kid friendly places to go when I get up in the area

  4. That’s great Erica! Feel free to post comments/suggestions about great places in the Akron/Canton area as well…the hubby and I will be moving more in that general direction someday so it will be good to know.

  5. I live near the Castle and the guy does give tours. The phone number is on the front gate. I think it is 631-CLUB. I went on a tour years ago, but a friend went last year. He is restoring the house and even doing a network TV show about the ghost and restoration. They are supposed to start filming this spring.

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