Taking the Toddler to the Grocery Store

For some reason, the toddler loves going with mommy to the grocery store.   He gets very excited whenever I invite him to join me.   So, I found this article on the Creative Play Plus website of interest: Learning Opportunities Easily Achieved in Play with Your Toddler.

Typically, our trip to the grocery store begins with determing if the “race car” cart has already been snatched up by another toddler.    If it is MIA, then toddler willingly sits in a regular shopping cart, for which I am grateful.   Apparently he does not do the same for daddy, from what I’m told.   We enter the grocery store, and we find the various fruits and veggies we need for the week, we name them and I hand them to him to hold so that he can check them out.   He often says the food is yummy, though I am hard pressed to think of any fruit or veggie he’ll eat for us at home besides avocados.   Recently, he took a big bite into a raw red pepper while at the store.   Very strange.  

He’ll often be my little helper and hold my list for me for awhile, but eventually that gets boring for him.  About half-way through the trip it has become more of a game where we’re racing around the store for entertainment.   I try not to point out the foods I am purchasing that I know are his favorites, like cheese or granola bars, for the risk that he may whine the rest of the shopping excursion that he wants to eat them.  Maybe that’s why his best active participation is in the produce area?

By the time we’ve made it to the check-out line, he’s become interested in gossip mags.    As a reward for making it through the shopping experience, we stop by the free magazines rack near the exit of the store and we pick out a “car magazine”, also known to the rest of us as “Auto Dealer”.  

So, I guess if you want to consider that a script for daily activities, that’s our script.   That’s pretty much how every trip to the grocery store plays out, and he apparently loves it because he always wants to go back with mommy.

Until next time,

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  1. Thanks for reading, commenting at, and linking to the Creative Play Plus blog. Most of all, thanks for sharing your experience about the questions we ask.

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