The Dark Knight Breaks Another Record

Last night I went to see the new Batman movie, “The Dark Knight”, for a second time.    We’d seen it opening weekend, before I had a chance to read any reviews and any of the hype.   I’m so glad that I did because I loved this movie because I thought it was actually a very good movie, not because the reviews told me it was so.    I can’t believe how many people are being critical of this movie.    I dunno, it’s a movie.    A friend of mine hadn’t seen it yet, and I wanted to see it again.    Driving home from the theater, I understood why I wanted to see it again.    It’s not just the fact that I have a huge crush on Bruce Wayne (yeah, Christian Bale is hot, but he’s even hotter as Bruce Wayne), that I wish I had my own Alfred and Lucius, or that Bruce Wayne drives a really cool million dollar Lamborghini Reventon, but also, I’m a little inspired and comforted by the dark knight.    I’m a bit annoyed with Harvey Dent, because his character clearly isn’t as heroic or wonderful once his life gets turned on it’s head.    Batman is unchanging, and cares nothing for his own personal reputation, he even goes so far as to ruin his own reputation to protect those around him and ruin a perfectly good million dollar vehicle in order to save the weasily little accountant who is trying to out him.    He cares more about his purpose and mission, to try to save Gotham and the city his parents believed in and tried to save, than he does about his money, his safety or his reputation.  And he stays true to his own way of fulfilling that purpose.  It reminds me that it’s often not what’s on the surface that is true or that really matters.

This isn’t meant to be some deep analysis of the movie, I just really enjoyed it.  It’s silly, but it made me feel better, even if its fiction.   

So, it’s no wonder to me tihs week that “The Dark Knight” shattered the $400 million box office record in 18 days, passing up “Shrek 2” as the fastest film to reach $400 million in 43 days.    Oh, such a good movie.

Until next time,

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