The Best Cleveland Indians Seats Ever!

Cleveland Indians vs. Detroit Tigers

Cleveland Indians vs. Detroit Tigers

Ok, at least they were the best seats we’d ever had.     I bought them through and they were well worth it…Row G, Section 157 if you ever have a chance to buy some great seats, these ended up being second row, behind home plate, so I really splurged on this one.

Last Wednesday I took the hubby to an Indians game to celebrate our upcoming eighth wedding anniversary. If you ask him, I actually took him to a Tigers game. He grew up in Detroit, so whenever Detroit plays Cleveland in any professional sport, we try to go.  It turned out to be an absolutely beautiful evening, the perfect temperature for a ballgame. Which is good, because the game lasted 13 innings. A friend of ours went with us to the game along with his girlfriend, and as he so eloquently put it, “well, if I’m going to be at a baseball game this long and stick around to the end of the game, these are the seats I want to be in!”

Cleveland Indians game

Cleveland Indians game

The hubby and I got to the game an hour early, since the seats we bought came with passes to the Terrace Club. We decided to sit at the bar, the service at the bar seemed quicker and we wanted to make sure we got to our seats at the start of the game. The bar and restaurant have a fantastic view though, so had it been much hotter we may have decided to stay inside in the A/C and watch part of the game. I think I had the biggest mimosa I’ve ever seen in my life. We passed on appetizers and the carving station, because it just doesn’t seem right to go to a game and not eat an All-Beef frank with Stadium Mustard in the comfort of your seat while watching the game, at least not for us. This is our first game of the season that we’ve gone to, and we wanted the full ballpark experience.

The area where we sat was a blast. I desperately wanted to get a pic of the guy sitting in the front row behind home plate who watched the entire game with no shoes on, making himself right at home, however the hubby would have been too embarrassed. I also learned about a guy named “Pudge” who just got traded to the Yankees by the Tigers yesterday. It apparently was a very big deal to Bobby, our usher, who had a passionate conversation with the hubby and our friends. As he said, “Why on earth would you want to help the Yankees?”  There were some very amusing girls behind us heckling the Tigers, and I personally enjoyed heckling the hubby and our friend (both are Tigers fans) as the Indians led 11-7 in the eighth. My friend’s girlfriend and I bonded every time the Indians scored, agitating the guys with high fives, and chimed in our “O-H-I-O” during Hang On Sloopy. There’s nothing more fun than teasing a Michigan fan, especially one you love.

I should always know however that teasing and heckling will always come back to haunt me however. Despite the fact that after 13 innings and over 5 1/2 hours of play the Indians lost to the Tigers, it was a terrific game to witness. Kelly Shoppach played an awesome game, he became the ninth player in MLB history with five extra-base hits in a game, which ties the all-time record, including two homers. Ben Francisco and Grady Sizemore were also good for some exciting homeruns.

With the exception of the outcome of the game, it was a perfect outing to the ballpark. Awesome seats, great weather with a gorgeous breeze, an excited crowd, hanging out with the hubby, beer…and stadium mustard. I think I may be an atmosphere junkie.

Until next time,

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