Playing in Lake Erie

Edgewater Beach Park

Edgewater Beach Park

Huntington Beach Sand Crab

Huntington Beach Sand Crab

Over the weekend we took our son to two different Cleveland beaches and he had a blast.    All summer I’ve taken for granted how much fun he would have.     We headed out to Huntington Beach on Saturday and discovered we could have an outing at the beach AND enjoy our favorite local ice cream…Honey Hut, plus check out a big red caboose and let our son climb in and drive, all in one place about a 15 minute drive from our house.

Huntington Beach Red Caboose

Huntington Beach Red Caboose

On Sunday our neighbors invited us to hang out with them at Edgewater Park with their twin girls.    The kids had fun running around on the rather large lawn there and we all had fun watching the various people flying huge elaborate kites.   My husband had fun scaring me by taking our son down on the rocks near the water until I realized there is an area with a paved sidewalk that allows you to walk down between the rocks to the landing that was between them on the rocks and the lake below where locals go to fish.  We walked along the pier and visited with more fishermen before heading home.

All in all, a great weekend at the lake and we all slept better for it!

Until next time,

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