Clague Park Duck Pond

Clague Park Duck Pond

A couple of weeks ago I was driving our son home from daycare on a Friday evening and asked him what he wanted to do the next day.   He said he wanted to feed ducks.    We have never been to feed the ducks before, so I’m not quite sure where he got this idea, possibly in a book?     Anyhow, I’d recalled that there was some nearby pond where I’d gone as a kid to feed the ducks, and I knew our neighbor had mentioned it to me before as well.

It turns out after some Googling that the duck pond is at Clague Park in Westlake.   We ran into our neighbor and her 18 month old twin girls that evening and invited them to our outing the next day.    So, four parents and three toddlers later, plus some stale bread, we were on our way to Clague Park.   I was a little nervous that the ducks may no longer be there.    Boy did I have nothing to be nervous about.    When we pulled in I noticed some signs telling you not to feed the ducks…but based on the number of ducks living in that pond and their friendliness I’d have to guess that not many people follow those rules.     I’m not going to say what we did with our stale bread.

On the Deck

On the Deck

We were all having a great time, when I realized you could walk down to the left of the deck and get closer to the water.    Our son thought this was a great idea too and was having fun making all sorts of new duckie friends when I realized that it was beginning to look like a scene out of a Hitchcock movie.    We were surrounded by ducks as well as some particularly agressive Canadian geese.    This scene caused our friends to comment, “What kind of a place did you bring us to?!”   🙂

But, once we went back up on the deck we were fine and all was well.     The kids loved the ducks, and I’ve made a note to self to stay up on the deck next time we go to visit.

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  1. […] at the Western Reserve Historical Society, ate food from India Garden (it was too salty this time), fed ducks at the duck pond (no Canadian geese this time), visited Honey Hut for ice cream and went to Lakewood Park and […]

  2. Garfield Park in Mentor is really good too.

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