My Eulogy

I just spent this morning at the wake and funeral of one of my uncles.      The only one that was still alive that I knew growing up, though I hadn’t seen him in 8 years.     My dad and his brothers are all gone and have been for several years, and my mom is now left with one brother whom she has not seen since her mother passed away about 20 years ago.   I met at least 6 cousins who I have never met before.  

My memories of him consist of him stopping over to visit on his way to Arthur Murray ballrom dance classes when I was a kid.    He absolutely loved to dance.    He was smart.   And I think he was always watching out for my mom.   I was comforted in the eulogy that the priest gave, it was clear that the priest actually knew who my uncle was, and that my uncle’s faith was deep and persevering, that he would often join the priest outside after mass to discuss his faith and details of his life.  What a blessing to be an active participant in what we choose to believe.

Would it be strange to write my own eulogy?    I’ve often told my husband that when it does come time to write up our will, I think I’d like to include instructions about my funeral.    Probably pretty strange for someone who’s about to turn 29 to be thinking about.     I do know I want a reading from CS Lewis and obviously readings from the Bible.   A gospel choir and a big party would be nice too.

Yeah, I’m pretty weird.    I’ll probably put more into planning my funeral than I did my own wedding.

Have you ever thought about what you would want your funeral to be like?

Until next time,

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