Interesting Blogs About Work-Life Balance

I’ve been wanting to write about my thoughts on the following articles for about a week now, I’ve really been dwelling on this topic on several ocassions, particularly that half an hour three days a week I get to myself to think while driving to pick my son up from daycare or on my way into work.

The interesting part about the NYT article is, my mother-in-law is the first person to advise me to keep working, at least in some capacity.   She was a stay-at-home mom as my husband and his siblings were growing up back in the 70’s and early 80’s.

And the articles got me thinking about lots of other things too.   How, I recall when I was in college and was engaged to the hubby how I’d thought that once I graduated from college that I’d be a stay-at-home mom.    That was when I was 20 years old.  I then started working at 21 years old and had a five-year plan that once the hubby got through residency at the hospital that I’d quit and be a stay-at-home mom.  At 26 years old, for three days after I’d found out I was pregnant with our son I would come home and sob because I didn’t want to have to quit my job an hubby and I had agreed that when we started having kids that I’d stay home.   By this time, I knew what I was talking about at work and was given the opportunity to have a terrific mentor and worked my way up through a couple of promotions.   I by no means went to Yale or plan to be a top-level exec at a Fortune 500 company, but I also value my job and love what I do.     And yes, the thought of staying home with our son 7 days a week is intimidating to me.    But the thought of having to travel or being away from our son 40-50 hours a week is not what I want either.    I’ve found my happy work-life balance, but I also chose to work hard and put in some 50-60 hour weeks, put off having kids right away, and worked throughout college to get to this point.    And if I want to spend time with friends it usually involves them coming to our house and hanging out with our son.   No more happy hours after work or sipping wine on a patio, because the hours I have with my son are too precious.

The other thing I came to realize is, I am surrounded by women who have made work-life balance work for them in one way or another.    All three of my sisters have various lifestyles supported by this, from an upper-level exec who travels around the world and has a nearly 5-year-old daughter, to one who adopted her 16 year old cousin and manages her hectic schedule along with her own jobs as a bookkeeper and bartender, to one in a cute apartment in NYC who’s an accountant for a living, with a flexible schedule to allow her time to pursue acting.    Even my brothers and parents have had atypical careers all of their lives.    A handful of women I work with have young children at home and have continued to work, and my husband works with several women who are very successful in their careers as doctors who have schedules that allow them to work part-time 3-4 days a week so that they may spend more time with their families.     Maybe this all impacted my perspective on priorities and flexibility.  My mom did stay home with me as a child, but I guess I haven’t really had much exposure to traditional families in my life in order to have that as an expectation for my own.

As with anything in life, we all make choices.     The best we can do is take what we are given in life, work hard, and find the balance that is right for us and makes us happy.

How do you balance your life?     Or is that something you may need to consider?

Until next time,

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