My Son is So Awesome to Me

I just wanted to write something bright and cheery today.    I love my life.    Yesterday I was talking with some friends at work about how I am looking forward to turning 30 next year.    I’d take being 30 yeras old over being 20 years old any day.    Life is so much about attitude and about looking forward.    I have by no means had an idyllic life, though I certainly feel as though I am blessed with one now, and as a friend reminded me at lunch this week, I need to stop feeling guilty about that.   I dealt with enough in life up until now that I should finally allow myself to enjoy the life I have now.

So, I am going to.    Yesterday was great.    I was standing on my neighbors’ front lawn talking to them and their twin daughters through the front window, when I turned around and saw that the hubby had our 23 month old son on his toddler tricycle (kinda like a Big Wheels, but easier to ride) and my son was peddling the tricycle all by himself!    He was so proud and was showing off for the twins.   And I was so proud that I would have cried if it wasn’t for the fact I was standing there talking to my neighbor.

Everyday our son is less of a baby and more of a toddler growing into a little man.    It’s so awesome to watch.   He’s even lost his little baby Buddha belly!    I know how parents all talk about how awesome their kid is and I know in their eyes it is true…I don’t care if anyone thinks our son is awesome…because he is awesome to me!

Until next time,

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