Wii Fit

So, last Tuesday, thanks to www.wiialerts.com, and using the My WiiAlerts! page, I was able to order 3 Wii Fits online, one for us, one for my father-in-law and one for a friend through the Toys R Us website.    I was extremely surprised though when all 3 showed up on my doorstep on Thursday when I returned home from work.    And of course, I hit the motherload when I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off, trying to herd the toddler, along with my briefcase and everything else, into the house, so that I could walk him across the driveway to the neighbor’s house and make it down to Broadview Heights for a wedding rehearsal by 5:30.    So, I dragged the boxes of Wii Fits into the house and left them for the hubby to check out.    He finally got it hooked up last night and we tried it out.    

It’s a lot of fun, so far I’m liking the hula hoop and soccer games.     I did not like, however, that since the Mii we set up was for the hubby, who is tall and very skinny and happens to weigh somewhat less than I do, when I stepped on to try out a game, the console told me, “we notice that your weight has changed, would you like to continue?”  I also love having the console tell me that I am overweight and unbalanced and asking me if I often trip while walking.    Clearly, I wanted the Wii Fit for a reason (note the weighing more than the hubby part)…and after taking this verbal abuse from the console, it had better tell me how hot I look once I lose 30 pounds using this thing!    🙂

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  1. Hello Cleveland Mom!

    If you have any UK readers (like myself), a fantastic Wii Fit alert site is http://www.WiiFitFrenzy.co.uk – they have the quickest email alerts in the UK.

    They also have a US section at http://www.WiiFitFrenzy.com

    Hope this helps someone out there – the Wii Fit is fantastic. However, you have to actually use it if you want to lose weight!


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