Starting on My List of Restaurants to Try

Monday night we decided to start working through my list of restaurants I need to try.   We ordered dinner from India Garden in Lakewood.    I now know that, when asked on a scale of 1-10 how spicy you want your food, that I need to order everything at a 3 or below.    Oops.    My husband and I like spicy food, but, one of the dishes was so spicy, at a “6” that we could barely taste the flavor of the food.    We ordered the Vegetable Pakora appetizer, Nan, Chicken Makhni (aka Butter Chicken), Lamb Saag, Aaloo Korma and Gulab Jumun for dessert, plus some Saffron Rice, though apparently one of our dishes came with rice as well.   We had enough food for dinner Monday night, plus lunch yesterday and still some food leftover.    It was all very good, but I think our favorite was the lamb, it was delicious and tender in a dark sauce of ground up spinach.   The Chicken Makhni was good as well, though I ordered it way too spicy so it was hard to taste the flavor of it.   Next time I will know better.   The potatoes were good, though still not the potatoes I’ve been trying to find for several years since we had some potatoes at an Indian restaurant in Washington, D.C.    It may be potatoes vindaloo that I am actually looking for, I’m not sure.    Next time the hubby and I have a chance to go to lunch, I think we’ll try their lunch buffet.    Yum!

Anyhow, one restaurant down, many more to go.

Until next time,


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