The Baby Borrowers

I don’t know if I’ve seen a commercial for The Baby Borrowers yet, but here’s the description from NBC’s website:

NBC’s upcoming reality series “The Baby Borrowers” is an intriguing new social experiment based on the hit British program that asks five diverse teenage couples — ages 18-20 — to fast-track to adulthood by setting up a home, getting a job and becoming caring parents first to babies, toddlers, pre-teens and their pets, teenagers and senior citizens — all over the course of three weeks.

I guess it isn’t really 18-20 year olds who I am concerned about having babies though, it’s 12-17 year olds.  Maybe having a young teenager shadow and assist a single working mother for an entire week would be interesting, because, most teenage moms ultimately end up being working moms or end up on welfare for at least some period of time.  

Or even better, have them be there to witness an entire labor and delivery complete with episiotomy and stitches, and the several weeks to follow with lack of sleep, cracked nipples from breastfeeding, and the other not so attractive things women go through post-partum.  

But, ultimately, I don’t think you can scare a teenager into not getting pregnant.   For many, unless their parents or someone in their lives encourages them to think that they are worthwhile people and builds up their self esteem, there’s no prevention in the world for the desire in them to want someone’s attention.

Sorry, this is an issue that is near and dear and sad and frustrating to me as I watch teenage girls in Cleveland getting pregnant, sometimes multiple times, and for all of the wrong reasons.

I barely like leaving my two year old son with any adult for more than a day without my being around, let alone loaning him out for a tv show, though at least in that case it isn’t just a teenager all alone with the kid (with camera crews, etc around, plus I’m sure the parents are actually present somewhere).

The show certainly sounds entertaining, and hopefully provides parents watching the show the opportunity to discuss this topic with their children that they might not have had/taken otherwise.

Until next time,

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