Free Jazz Concert in West Park

From an email I just received:

Great news! The CJO is playing a FREE CONCERT at Impett Park, sponsored by Cleveland Councilman Marty Keane, Kamm’s Corners Development Corporation, and Saint Joseph Academy, Saturday June 28th, from 7-9 pm.

Bring your lawn chairs, blankets, and the mood to be entertained and educated at this “Blossom like” experience.

The program begins with soloists

Maggie McGuire – Alto 1
Jessica Louis – Alto 2
Kristen Herrmann – Tenor
Mary Kate Kennedy – Bari

The young women will play “Jump, Jive An’ Wail” – words and music by Louis Prima, arranged by Johnnie Vinson, with the CJO rhythm section. Then they’ll play a short set :

“Funkathustra” – arranged by Dave Mills
“Celtic Aire” – by Fred Sturm (Maggie McGuire and Mary Kate Kennedy solos)
“Amber and Trinita” – by Doug Beach
“Everybody Twist” – by Mike Tomaro (Kristen Herrmann solo)

CJO prices are normally $30 per ticket, but this event is FREE thanks to Ward 21 Councilman, Martin J. Keane and the City of Cleveland. Parking is limited, so you may want to walk, bike, or arrive early to find a spot.

You may also be interested in visiting information tables regarding City of Cleveland services.

See you at the jazz concert!

Until next time,


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