Saturday Night in Cleveland

After much discussion the group of us finally decided on Flying Fig for dinner on Saturday night.     We met up with another couple who also happens to have a 2 year old daughter.    We were all very excited to be out on a weekend for some adult time. 

Everything we had to eat was delicious, my duck was crispy and my martini, A Long Kiss Goodnight, was so good that I ordered a second.    My husband’s three small plates (tapas) were delicious as well.

We were all having such a great time that we decided to cross the street after dinner and head over to Great Lakes Brewing Company.     No Lorelei on draught yet, but the Market Street Wheat was good enough to convince me to stick around, and apparently Rye of the Tiger was good enough for one of our companions.    At midnight, the hubby finally turns to me and says we had better head home.   It’s a rare ocassion that so much fun is had to make time fly quite like that.     Everyone was surprised to hear it was after midnight, seeing as none of us could remember the last time we’d been out that late on a date.

I’m hoping to have more nights out like that, it was so refreshing, and I felt so much closer to and more appreciateive of the hubby after getting to spend time enjoying myself with him.  It’s great to find people to laugh with and in a way just forget yourself for an evening.  While we certainly have a blast with our son, I have to remember that adult fun is important too!   

Until next time,


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