Too Many Restaurants

I was just thinking, I’ve gone out to eat or ordered food a lot this past week:

Sushi Rock downtown for lunch – yummy sushi, nice atmosphere, can be expensive. Spent about $80 including tip for 3 people, but we also ate a lot of sushi, one maki roll and 4 futomaki rolls plus an appetizer.

Ordered Indian food for Dinner from Cafe Tandoor in Westlake – very yummy Indian food. We usually get the Chicken Shasklick, Butter Chicken and Lamb Korma, plus an order of Nan. I highly recommend the Chicken Shashlick, because, first, the chicken is cooked in the tandoor over and is super good, but more important, it’s one of the only dishes that includes rice, and it includes enough rice that you really don’t need to buy any extra orders of rice. The Butter Chicken is just plain addicting.

Ordered sushi from Sushi 86 downtown for dinner. I order dinner from here so frequently that the man doesn’t ask my name when I call, and sometimes will even ask me how my son is doing. This place is great, especially for takeout orders. And it’s right across the street from my office. I spent about $25 for two futomaki, a California roll, four pieces of nigiri and a small seaweed salad, enough to feed me and my husband, plus our 22 month old son who now likes sushi (the cooked kind).

Saigon for lunch – yummy noodles, and the prices for lunch aren’t bad, between $8-10 for lunch, plus we got to sit outside on East 4th Street, which is always fun.   I had the Crispy Spring Roll Vermicelli.

Ordered Luchitas Mexican for dinner last night.  This time, our son wasn’t interested in my enchiladas, but ate a bunch of guacamole.

And we’re meeting some friends for dinner at The Flying Fig tomorrow night, then having drinks afterwards somewhere on/near Market Avenue, because there are way too many good places to grab a drink in that little neighborhood — Great Lakes Brewing, Bier Markt, Market Avenue Wine Bar and The Old Angle.

I love Cleveland, because we can find yummy Indian, Mexican, Vietnamese, Sushi, and a beer-named-after-me all within a 15 minute drive from our house.

Until next time,


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  1. […] Tangbro1 wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptSushi Rock downtown for lunch – yummy sushi, nice atmosphere, can be expensive. Spent about $80 including tip for 3 people, but we also ate a lot of sushi, one maki roll and 4 futomaki rolls plus an appetizer. … […]

  2. Hey there, Lorelei! Here are a few others I highly recommend if you haven’t been there:
    Momocho (guac flight to die for)
    Inn on Coventry (old school, great pancakes)
    CROP Bistro (try the popcorn salad)
    Melt Bar and Grilled (love the Parmageddon)
    Buckeye Beer Engine (for bar food, it’s great bar food and the beer selections are awesome)
    Mint Cafe (string beans and tofu is so yummy)
    Sweet Melissa’s (Rocky River, where Max’s used to be . . . they are going for hormone-free and organic whenever possible)
    Der Braumeister (I am sure you’ve been there)
    Prosperity Social Club (more of a bar, but fare is sold late night and I love the mediterranean nacho thingies–good vibe)
    Luxe (65th and Detroit–great martinis and very reasonable and very good food)
    Light Bistro (we had a terrific happy hour/appetizer night over there last week)

    Okay . . . I could go on and on, but this should get you started.

  3. Thanks Sam! I’ve been to CROP for lunch. I agree on the Parmageddon at Melt, the banana/peanut butter/cream cheese sandwich is delicious as well. Buckeye Beer Engine has good selection of beer and yummy burgers. I took my mom to Der Braumeister for her birthday one year and we enjoyed it, you can’t beat good German food. And the hubby and I tried Light Bistro soon after it opened and really enjoyed it, especially since we like tapas/small plates.

    Thanks for the other recommendations, I’ll definitely have to add those to my list. We thought about Luxe the other weekend so now we’ll have to try it!

    BTW, I am SO SAD that Max’s is currently gone. I really hope it makes a comeback, that place was one of my favorites!

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