Cleveland Metroparks Zoo Annual Pass

I wrote this on this week and thought it was useful info to post here as well.

We get a Family zoo membership every year, it is good for me, my husband and our son, plus one guest every time we go. It costs $88, but this applies to all of your children and grandchildren under the age of 18. So, if you have 5 kids it costs the same amount as if you only have one. If you don’t care about bringing a guest, you can get the same package for $68. Regular admission (12 and older) is typically $10 and kids 2-6 are $6.   If we take my mom and go 3 times, we’ve more than paid for the pass.   We live near the zoo, so in the warmer months we go once a month, and in the winter we use it to go into the Rainforest.  Plus, if you buy a membership to the Cleveland Zoo (a season pass), then you also get free or 50% off admission at 130 other zoos across the country, which is nice if you travel at all, including the African Safari Wildlife Park in Port Clinto (Sandusky).

Reciprocal zoos:

It looks like the African Safari pass, which has the same benefits, is $64.95 for 2 regular admissions (over 7 years old) and 2 kids (age 3-6).

I guess it really depends on how often you plan to go and what you are looking for, plus how many kids you have or who you want included on the pass. This is the only membership we currently have anywhere right now and we love it.

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