The Weekends in Cleveland

So, there has been plenty to do around here…

Two weekends ago I decided on taking our son to the Meet the Trucks event at Lakewood Park.    What a very cool, and free, event for kids.   It doesn’t take much either.    A bunch of parked city vehicles to climb around in and on, a DJ, some community organizations with tables that had bubbles to blow, wheels to spin and win a free beachball embossed with some company’s logo, and a couple of inflatable jump houses.    The place was packed and we had a blast together while daddy was at work. Plus, an added benefit, we got to see a large hawk who happened to be perched atop the birdhouse there.

Last weekend however, we didn’t make it too far from the house.   Rather than make it out to Parade the Circle, we decided to stay close to home and spend time with daddy who we hadn’t really seen in the 12 days he was working in a row.    So instead, we walked five houses down the street to a garage sale, bought a dump truck ride-on toy for $2, and made some new friends on our street, resulting in spending about an hour hanging out in their backyard chatting.     I really do love our neighborhood.

And it looks like the Kamm’s Corners Farmers Market begins again this Sunday.   Also, I may look into this City Fresh Lakewood program, where you pay either $10 or $20 a week for a “share” and you pick up a bag of a week’s worth of fresh veggies/fruits/herbs from local farmers.  

Until next time,


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