Birthdays Without Pressure

Check out this website and this article that was on a couple of months back.

Some of these stories are ridiculous.  I really hope that my son doesn’t choose friends like that someday who would EXPECT to receive eleborate goodie bags when coming to his birthday party. It’s fine to give goodie bags and to want kids to have fun, but it’s ridiculous that kids would disrespect their friends or friends’ parents that way. Do kids really act this way? Has anyone personally experienced this? I would think kids have friends who come to their birthday party in order to celebrate their birthday. Don’t get me wrong, I already spoil our son, we bought him an inflatable pool for the backyard this summer, and now I just bought him a slip and slide. He’s only 21 months old, but he loves it when the neighborhood kids come to our house and play (these kids would come visit him before he had cool stuff), and they all have so much fun together that I enjoy buying things that they can enjoy running around and playing together with for hours outside, and this is how we spent our Memorial Day, running around outside having fun with the neighbors. Am I naive? Is that not what kids’ birthday parties are like anymore? I really hope that I never run into this type of situation, though it would certainly be an issue I would bring up to the child’s parents if it came up.

What do you think?

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