Our Son is Quite the Little Man

It was a busy week for our son. Last week he went peepee in the potty at school for the first time. He moved out of his crib into a toddler bed on Saturday, and to prepare him for the move into a big boy bed, we decked out his room with Cars bedding and those wall stickers that allow you to upgrade the “baby” room to a big boy’s room with little effort. The stickers work pretty well and don’t take the paint off the wall, and the sheets are pretty nice, 100% cotton and came with a comforter, plus I bought a blankie to match. In all, I think I spent about $60 at Walmart.com, so not too bad. Plus, he was so excited that he was hyper all day long about his new bed and the Cars all over his room that he didn’t think twice about his crib being gone. Anything that gets him through transitions is worth it to me! He also decided he now wants to eat meat, if it comes in the form of a ground beef enchilada from Luchita’s. All of this is a good thing, especially that he likes food from Luchita’s, because that’s probably my husband’s favorite restaurant ever, and we order food from there weekly. They have the best Chile Rellenos of anywhere that we’ve been, in or outside of Cleveland.  

How did he grow up so quickly???

Until next time,


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