I’m sharing this post that I friend of mine had written on her MySpace blog at the beginning of May. It was just too cute and too spot on to not share here.


Right after work last night I got Cameron all ready to go to the grocery store with me. I was in a rush, and because of that it was hurry here, and scurry there. And I hate nothing more than rushing my child’s life – he already changes too fast…At the store; since I know we’ll be spending a lot more time outside – I buy bubbles. Bubbles for home and bubbles for the trailer.

The first thing I do when I get home is haul all the groceries in. It was nice outside, so I took Cameron’s seat out of the car and set him in the driveway so he could enjoy the fresh air, while he watched me. I pick up the last bag and the bubbles fall out, so I set them on the bumper of the car. I go back out to get Cameron and I figure “What the heck? I’ll just blow some bubbles for him real quick.” Now mind you, He’s just mastered “Object Permanence” which means – things still exist, even if they are not in his sight. (Drop a toy on the floor – It doesn’t magically disappear – its right there- on the floor.) Anyway – So I blow the bubbles and he is amazed. However the ones that burst on his foot are gone? Where did they go? He’s looking all over. Then he’s brave enough to start touching them – of course, they pop. More confusion in his eyes, but it’s fun anyway! At this point I’m enjoying watching him as much as he’s enjoying these magical orbs of reflected light. I sit on the side step and continue for I don’t know how long. At this point he’s laughing hysterically, trying to kick them, eat them, or just catch one and look at it closely (which of course, he can’t do.) He finally looks up at me like; “Ok what’s next?” so I pack the bubbles away and bring him in.

The frozen foods are soft, the ice cream is melting, and the cats have eaten through their brand new bag of dry cat food. Who cares? Playing with my son & sharing in his laughter for an unrushed, unspecified amount of time would have been worth a cart full of spoiled groceries!

Thanks to my friend for allowing me to share this!


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