Child Daycare in Cleveland and the Flats East Bank Project

I was reading this article today, “Want to Save the Planet?   Stay Home,” on USA Today’s website.   It reminded me of a conversation I had recently at a conference, where a woman questioned how “green” we were being with technology.    She genuinely felt that the energy being used by these devices was not helping us to be more green.     My response was that, as a result of technology, in particular my laptop, I am now able to work from home two days a week, saving 120 miles of commuting every week.   For those whose job responsibilities would allow them to telecommute, I think more companies need to rethink their policies regarding this perk, and how it can impact employee satisfaction and work/life balance as well as the impact it can have on the environment.

Unfortunately, I do commute into work the other three days, and despite living only 10 miles from my office, I drive 180 miles every week.    The reason for this being, at the time I gave birth to our son, there were few options within a ten-mile radius of our home for child daycare.    I wanted him to have an opportunity to interact with children in a school setting for the 3 days each week that we needed  it.    The closest option was at Lakewood Hospital, which from several friends I have heard is excellent.    Unfortunately, when I called I would have been put on an eight month waiting list.   At the time, the other centers nearby had waiting lists as well (Le Chaperone Rouge, Brownstone, Rockport). After checking out the options that we did have available to us, we chose to take our son to Kindercare out in Westlake.   I love the fact that it has corporate standards that have to be met, in my mind, it leaves a little less concern over how the facility and staff are managed.    It is, however, the exact opposite direction I need to drive to get to work, resulting in a 30 mile commute each time I take him to daycare or pick him up plus driving to and from work.    Now that I could probably get him in at Lakewood Hospital’s daycare, I don’t want to.   Our son loves going to “school” and he is extremely happy there and growing and learning so much.    It has now become well worth the commute.

This did get me to thinking however, that there are no options, so far as I am aware, for child care in downtown Cleveland, for all of the parents who work downtown.    As part of the Flats East Bank project, wouldn’t it be great if the Wolstein’s incorporated a daycare facility?    I would think this would benefit the staff of Ernst & Young and the other tenants that will occupy the office buildings that are included in the project.     I am sure there are plenty of people who would love to be able to drop their kids off on their way into work, as it is easy to get into the heart of downtown Cleveland by driving through the Flats.    I know that if I’d had this option I would have likely chosen to have our son in daycare nearby, where if there’s an emergency I can get there quickly, and I’m not always worried that I’ll be stuck in rush hour traffic and won’t make it to daycare by 6pm.

If you’re aware of good child care/daycare facilities in Cleveland, please feel free to post your comments and share your experiences.

Until tomorrow,


PS.   After posting this, I did find that CSU now has a child care facility located downtown that is staffed by the YMCA.

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4 Responses

  1. I know that you have decided to be a stay at home mom. I also noticed that your son when to Kindercare. Did he love it? Was there anything that you did not like about it? I am considering taking my children there. I’d love it if you could share any tips, complaints, etc. Looking for a daycare is stressful!

    • Well, I like the Kindercare where my son goes enough to keep sending him there two days a week for a few hours a day just to keep him there. He has really thrived there and I would recommend checking it out. But yes, finding daycare is indeed a pain. No complaints now, but when he first started the place seemed a bit chaotic with lots of turnover. A new manager started about month or two after, and she’s amazing. Ever since then, the teachers stick around and it seems like a very well-run place. So something to consider for you. Each location may be a bit different based on the management. I happen to think the manager at our center is phenomenal and am not looking forward to the day when we move and he no longer attends there, because I’ll have to find the perfect place for him all over again!

      Does that help? I guess my tips are, look for a place that doesn’t seem to crowded or overwhelming to you, and pay attention/ask about staff turnover. Stop by the daycare in the middle of the day for a tour (most daycares will allow you to do so), and see what it’s like during the most chaotic parts of the day. Do the kids seem happy? How do the teachers handle discipline or groups of kids at their most active part of the day? No matter what time of day I’ve stopped in to pick up my son, I’ve always felt comfortable with him being there.

  2. Thank you! I took a tour of the Westlake Kindercare this morning. They were very nice.

    • That’s great! If you go back there, Becky, the center director, is awesome. My son and I have been very happy at that particluar center. Best of luck on your search for daycare!

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