Children and Nature Deficit Disorder

Yesterday morning I was sitting in an Arts and Cultural Tourism Directors meeting and heard someone discussing the idea of nature deficit disorder, particularly in relation to an event taking place at their attraction. In looking up the term, I came across this book on Amazon, Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children From Nature Deficit-Disorder. I feel as though it is pretty sad that someone needed to write a book about this. I have no idea if the book is any good, but I am grateful that my toddler loves to go outside any chance he gets, and if watching Elmo on TV will choose to go outside or go play games with mommy and daddy if he is asked.

This summer, as he is now much more active, and I try to find different places to take him each weekend, I may try to visit some of the places I’ve heard about through work. My top five places to consider exploring this summer are going to be:

  1. Hershey Children’s Garden at the Cleveland Botanical Garden
  2. Holden Arboretum’s Wild Child Wonders Exhibit
  3. The Great Garden Adventure at Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens
  4. TOUCH Amazing Rays and Sharks at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo
  5. Edgewater Park, to watch boats and kites and run around on the beach…that and it’s five minutes from our house!

Plus, I forgot about Lake Farmpark and Stearns Homestead, I’m sure the little one would love to see mommy milk a cow!

Hopefully it’s warm enough and sunny enough this weekend to spend some time outside…especially since I’ll be helping out with a wedding shower at Edgewater Park this weekend!

Until tomorrow,


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One Response

  1. Lori, I’m reading this book right now! It is pretty eye-opening. I’ve added the notion of “nature as a form of stress relief” to my everyday interaction with the kids and it has helped a lot! Anytime we start to butt heads or there is a sense of boredom or they’ve had a long day, etc…we head outdoors immediately. It is awesome. It also feels odd to admit that I forgot that notion so easily…

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