Donating Cord Blood in Cleveland

I was just checking out yesterday and saw on the forum a post about donating cord blood (from umbilical cords post-delivery). When I was pregnant with our son a couple of years ago I had read about this somewhere and decided to look into it. As it turned out, I found this website to learn more,, and the hospital where I had planned to deliver, MacDonald Women’s Hospital at University Hospital, is one of the collection sites for the donor program. Cord blood is collected from the umbilical cord once the baby is delivered. It was a very simple process, a woman came into the delivery room and asked if I was interested in donating, and since I had read about it in advance, I agreed to do so. After signing some paperwork, the woman returned once our son was delivered, and took the placenta away to gather the cord blood. They then can use the stem cells from the cord blood donation to help those with diseases that would have traditionally been treated with stem cells from bone marrow donations. Apparently this is offered for mothers delivering babies at Hillcrest now as well, with a collection center recently opened in Warrensville Heights. For those of us in Cleveland, I think we have a great opportunity to donate with great ease, and I hope the word gets out there to educate future mothers regarding this opportunity.


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  1. I gave birth to Cameron at MacDonalds as well. I chose to donate the cord blood as well. It was nice to know that if an issue arose, and our cord blood was still banked – we would be able to have it, free of charge. It really is a wonderful program.

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