The RAV4, where to buy cheap flowers, and marriage advice

This is probably a strange first post for a blog, but these are the things I learned this week:

1. You can fit at least 6 adults (2 men, 4 women) in the Toyota RAV4 with the third row seat option comfortably enough to drive about five miles in dress clothes (if one is a 5′ 3″ female who can sit in the third row seat)

2. You can buy some flowers at Buyers Outlet in West Park for about 2/3rds the cost of going to Pettiti’s (but I still love Pettiti’s)

3. Women with hot flashes give great marriage advice

When I first decided to buy a small SUV earlier this year after attending the Cleveland Auto Show and looking at all of the cars in person, my husband and I narrowed down the options to the Toyota RAV4 thinking, if we are going to buy anything other than a compact car, we should buy it for a reason, it should be more comfortable for the road trips we take to New Jersey several times a year to visit family, we should be able to transport stuff in it, if we are blessed with another child in the next five years, the children, plus my husband, grandma and me would have to fit comfortably.

In this quest for the perfect, small, SUV, I must have contacted every Toyota dealership from Cleveland to Toledo, to Erie, Columbus and Pittsburgh. As it turned out, they do not carry the RAV4 with the third row seat option in Ohio, plus several dealerships told me I should consider purchasing a Highlander because it comes with a third row seat and the third row in the RAV4 would be too small for a child. A dealership out in Amherst was able to help us however, and I am so glad. We love our RAV4, and this week, through unfortunate circumstances, learned that 6 adults dressed up can pile into it, and that a 5’3″ female could sit in the third row seat comfortably. In other words, for a car where you might sometimes need to fit in an extra person or two, but you want something with good gas mileage that’s easy to parallel park, the RAV4 is great.

As for Buyers Outlet, we made a trip out to the Pettiti’s in Avon this weekend for our annual-fix-up-the-front-yard weekend. I love Pettiti’s. If someone asked me what one place would I want to go and spend a couple thousand dollars, Pettiti’s would be it. I’d have a one-acre backyard with tons of trees and shrubs and landscaping and the gorgeous lawn furniture with a chaise lounge and backyard bar and firepits that they have on display. However, I also had to go to Buyers Outlet this weekend. For some things, Buyers Outlet is better. For example, the flats they have of annuals, 36 flowers for $9.99 compared to the $14.99 we spent on the same flats of impatiens at Pettiti’s the day before. So, Buyers Outlet remains the best place in Cleveland to get a bargain on annuals.

This weekend I also spent some time at a wedding shower with a group of women who are the self-proclaimed hot flash ladies. At the shower we all went around the room sharing tips for a successful marriage with the bride-to-be. These women had some great advice:

  • Keep the Lord first in your life, because only God can take care of all of your needs, no man can.
  • Don’t start doing a chore you do not want to do for the rest of your life. In other words, once you start mowing the lawn, it will be assumed that you will always mow the lawn. This apparently happened to the bride’s grandmother. When she finally, many years later, stopped mowing the lawn, her husband went out and bought a power mower and paid the grandkids to do it.
  • Don’t let the sun go down on your anger
  • Both of you should never want a divorce in the same day
  • Make sure to know your spouse’s love language. How does your spouse want to be loved? There are five love languages: physical affection, gifts, acts of service, encouraging words and spending time.
  • Never let an issue go more than a week unresolved.

So, that’s all for now on my first post. More later this week.


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